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Highlights of Beauty-Care package

Ayurveda is a science of life which deals with all aspects of human life. The basic idea of this ancient treatment is to bring out full human potential and charm by practicing nature friendly measures for cures of any illness. By Ayurveda, the daily routine of human life is controlled and gives balance to the body, soul, and mind. Thus, Ayurveda is considered as the best solution for beauty care.

Kumarakom Lake Resort offers ancestry methods of Ayurvedic beauty care treatments in its purest form. The Ayurvedic center was a Brahmin family practiced Ayurveda centuries back and the tradition is passed to the new generation as Kumarakam Lake resort. The resort provides special Beauty Care Programme for beauty and fairness, as Ayurveda considers outer beauty as the combination of mental peace and physical wellness.

The resort gives all the treatments to care and maintain the body and helps you remain young and vibrant. Important treatments for body and skin included in the special package are Njavara Lepam, Ksheeradhara, Kumkumadi Nasyam, Ksheeraswedam, Fruit Pack, Udwarthanam, and rejuvenation massage. Other classical modes of beauty enhancement practiced are Aleo-vera massages, Ayurveda facial, manicure, pedicure, henna, dandruff treatment, flower bath etc.

About Beauty-Care package

Beauty care programme offered by Kumarakom Lake Resort is highly appreciated for its immediate and natural effects on beauty enhancement. The main treatments included in the package are;


It is a therapeutic beauty massage using herbal powders. The massage is done to reach the deep tissues.It results in elevation of the body tissues and the massage is done in seven postures. The massage is done in the upward direction and the power is rubbed forcibly. It helps to rejuvenate your body tissues.This process helps to remove dead cells from the body and makes the skin soft.

Rejuvenation Massage/ Rasayana

Rejuvenation Therapy helps to rebuild your body by nurturing with a specific diet, herbal medicines, and lifestyle systematic implementations. The massages are done from head to toe with hot oil which rebuilds our cellular system.


Njavara Lepam exfoliates the body and skin to improve blood circulation. It absorbs oil and removes toxins from the body which helps the skin to glow.The facial tissues get relaxed and the skin of the face gets smoothens.


Pizhichil is done by bathing the whole body with lukewarm medicated oil by simultaneously massaging the body. The medicines protect the body to arrest the aging process.It is done about 45 to 60 minutes which also helps to improve blood circulation.

Fruit Pack

Fruit pack is done by taking the extracts of fruits and is mixed with medicines and is applied to face and body. It is a very effective treatment for your body as fruit extracts give essential vitamins to face and makes skin glow. The dullness of the face is removed and makes skin smooth.

Aleo-Vera Massage

Aleo-Vera massage removes wrinkles from the body and helps to look young and vibrant. By massaging it helps to remove stretch marks and also removes burn marks.

Flower Bath

Flower Bath is essential for your body as the extracts of flowers and water help to provide freshness and energy.The massages are done during and after Flower bath with medicinal flowers and herbal oils.

Pedicure/Manicure/Dandruff treatment

The Pedicure is done to remove dirt from foot and nails and makes them healthy with therapeutic treatment. The Manicure treatment is given to make your hands and finger nails healthy. Dandruff treatment is very effective as the treatment is done with medicinal oils which wipe out dandruff completely.


Ksheeradhara is an Ayurvedic treatment in which lukewarm medicated milk is poured continuously over the body and massaged which helps to increase blood circulation and removes dead cells from the body.

This treatment is suitable for

  • Sleeplessness
  • Skincare
  • Different types of scars in the body
  • Beauty enhancement
  • Joint pain
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin complexion

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 10.

What's included

  • Accommodation is provided
  • All meals in Ettukettu restaurant
  • Traditional tea and snacks provided at our “ThattuKada”
  • Different Cultural program in the evenings.
  • Yoga &meditation everyday
  • Herbal medicines as per the body conditions
  • Health Club and indoor games
  • Check-out time is 12.00 noon and Check-in time is 3.00 pm.

What's not included

  • The extra travel facilities are not provided
  • The Extra food orders are chargeable as per the menu.

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