Panchakarma Detoxification Programme

Highlights of Panchakarma Detoxification Programme

Panchakarma is one of the master therapies in Ayurveda. ‘Panchakarma’ means ‘five actions’ which treats stress and illness while balancing the three Doshas. The treatment uses herbal cleansers like Snehavasti, Kashayavasti etc. The therapies like Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Njavarakizhi, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Nasyam etc are included in the treatment. Panchakarma forms the foundation to the Ayurvedic management of a disease. The treatment addrsses to the root cause of the issue and corrects the fundamental balance of 'Tridosha' in the body.

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Panchakarma has been given an exceptional place in all the old Ayurvedic Writings. Acharya Charak, the creator of the main ancient text on internal medicine, has described a wide utilization of Panchakarma treatment for all the significant sicknesses. The segments; Kalpa Sthanam and Siddhi Sthanam portray the facts of special decoctions utilized for Panchakarma treatment. Like every single medical procedure, Panchakarma therapy constantly starts with an initial consultation by a qualified Ayurvedic Physician who can decide the person's prakriti (constitutional type), the nature of the health problem and the proper level of prescribed therapies. For the Panchakarma system, the least stay of 7 nights would be compulsory.

About Panchakarma Detoxification Programme

Panchakarma will expel the excess Doshas and correct imbalances in them and in addition take out the destructive Ama (meaning toxic substance)  out of the body. Panchakarma refines the tissues to a very deep level. The treatment includes daily massages and oil baths, herbal enemas, nasal administrations which is an exceptionally pleasurable experience. Ayurveda suggests Panchakarma as a regular treatment for keeping up mental and physical hygiene. The therapy at Mararikkulam Carnoustie Ayurveda &Wellness Resort are associated with  five different core actions:

Vamana – Vamana is known as remedial emesis and is the main Panchakarma strategy and is the best choice for pacifying the aggravated Kapha. The utilization of therapeutic emesis isn't bound to Kapha however it can be utilized where Kapha is in conjunction with Pitta and Vata.

Virechana – Virechana is recognized as therapeutic purgation. Also, this is utilized for maladies caused by vitiation of the therapeutic efficacy which is reliant on digestion pattern. Virechana is recommended after appropriately judging the sort of illness and tolerance of the patient. Regularly this specific karma is performed in the sicknesses of alimentary canal like chronic constipation, indigestion, anorexia, worm infection and so on. Purgation is given with care in particular amounts accordingly.

Basti – Basti is a herbal enema uniquely prepared to pull toxins out of the colon. The freshly loosened impurities from every day of treatment are flushed out of the body by means of the impacts of the basti. The basti additionally transports Ayurvedic medications into the blood and tissues in order to transform the memory of damaged and toxic cells. Basti is viewed as a standout amongst the most vital and intense parts of the Panchakarma treatment.

Nasya – Nasya comprises of separately prescribed herbs and oil drops. The drops are inhaled through the nose, which clears unnecessary mucus in the sinus cavities. Nasya is additionally an essential treatment while medicating the central nervous system. The treatment combats the deep dryness that exists at the base of numerous respiratory and allergic conditions.

Rakta Mokshana – The therapy is known as Therapeutic bloodletting. The treatment is used in curing ailments caused by vitiation of blood. Blood is a critical connective tissue of the human body. In Unani system of medicine, it is thought to be the fourth humor. Rakta mokshana; however, is a very effectual system in which medicinal leeches are best utilized. Also, this therapy sums up the entire Panchkarma method.

This treatment is suitable for

  • Paralysis
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Lack of sleep
  • Pain Disorders
  • Rheumatism
  • Mental Problems
  • Rejuvenation
  • Headache
  • Chronic skin conditions
  • Arthritis

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 10.

What's included

  • Accommodation
  • Daily yoga
  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Free medicines throughout the treatment
  • Consultation
  • Ayurveda diet plans
  • Pick-up and drop to Airport services
  • Daily Marma Treatment
  • Medicinal tea
  • Boat cruise

What's not included

  • Additional nights will be charged.
  • GST is further applicable.

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