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Highlights of Relax and Rejuve Therapy

Rasayana is a treatment through which one can experience the power of Ayurveda. The treatment not only helps to maintain health but also improves the Bala, the strength of the body. The word Rasayana consists of two words Rasa and Ayan. Rasa means “nourishing juice” and Ayan means “pathways or channels”. Thus the term ‘Rasayana’ means, the way one gets the fineness of Rasa (The Nourishing juice).

Niraamaya Surya Samudra, Kovalam is a renowned resort highly specialized for Ayurveda therapies. The resort carries a lineage of traditional Ayurveda treatments having specialization in Rasayana therapy.Relax and Rejuve Program offered here is intentioned to provide visitors complete rejuvenation through traditional Rasayana Chikilsa. The benefit of Rasayana treatment has associated with the psyche and improves the strength of tissues.

The treatments in the package also help in refining the senses and maintaining youthfulness in body and mind. The rejuvenation therapies in the package give people more resistance to disease and physical decline. Those who experience the treatment should have a schedule of 7 days onwards, by means of 90 min session daily.

The resort offers very comfy facilities for visitors coming for treatment. Niraamaya Surya Samudra Resort offers 31guestrooms and specially designed heritage cottages for guests, presenting an ideal stability between old world charm and modern day comfort.

About Relax and Rejuve Therapy

The basis for Rasayana therapy is the idea of removing impurities from the body. The treatments are specially designed to wear out the anxiety and toxicity of today’s life. The cleansing of toxic elements from the body, let to draw positive energies again to the body and lead to complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

The Rasayana therapy at Kovalam Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra is specially designed to suit with all the modern day to day perquisites of the body and mind. The treatments help to regain the lost charm and energy of the body, assuring youthfulness to body and peacefulness to mind. Rasayana Chikilsa is very famous for boosting the lifespan and resistance power in human. The benefits of the treatment are immense if it is practiced in the right way.

At Niraamaya Resort, the Relax and Rejuve Program includes Rasayana treatments at its most pure and traditional form. The main two styles of Rasayana therapy practiced here are Kuti Praveshika and Vatatapika. The treatments are varied based on the method of use.

KutiPraveshika  or Indoor Use

The type of Rasayana therapy is conducted inside special cottages in the resort.The cottage is a three-walled structure called ‘Trigarbha Kutti’, restricted from certain natural conditions.  The treatments are generally carried out at ideal Muhurta, based on Ayurveda. The person undergoing the package primarily will undergo different elimination therapies to remove toxins from the body.

After the elimination therapy, normally the patient turns into somewhat a little weak. Therefore, appropriate diet (Sansarjana Karma) is provided to the patient; by this, he will recover his strength. In Kuti Praveshika, the diet should be strictly maintained without any failure for the complete effect of the treatments. Thereafter, when he is cheerful and has recaptured his strength, the Rasayana treatment ought to be directed.The treatments are carried out under the strong supervision of Ayurveda doctors and specialists at the resort.

Vatatapika  or Outdoor Use

Vatatapikam can be conducted at the beautiful outdoor areas of the resort. The patient has no limitations for living in the spacious rooms of the resort that is rich with light and wind. The treatments included are comparatively less restrictive for the patients and can opt for anyone who is not interested to follow strict practices or still weak after any illness. Another main highlight is that there is no stringent diet for the kind of Rasayana therapy.

The medicines used for the treatments are decided by Ayurveda doctors in the resort analyzing the nature of the patient’s body and the therapies are carried out with great care under the supervision of experienced Ayurveda specialist. The treatment has great benefits like improving physical strength, immunity, mental power, metabolic process and so on.

This treatment is suitable for

  • Rejuvenation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Natural resistance
  • Nourishment of blood
  • Dermatological problems
  • Arthritis
  • Nourishment of lymph
  • Free radical injury
  • Improved metabolic processes

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 10.

What's included

  • Lodging
  • Everyday yoga
  • Talk with Physician
  • Herbal medicines all through the treatment
  • Association in daily Niraamaya Wellness
  • Diet foodstuff as per menu
  • Pick-up and drop services
  • Charges are in Indian rupees without GST

What's not included

  • Additional nights will be charged.
  • GST - 28% is further applicable.

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