Special Ayurveda Treatment Package for IT Professionals Kochi

Highlights of Special Ayurveda Treatment Package for IT Professionals

Sukhayus Wellness Retreat centre is offering special Ayurvedic packages for IT professionals who suffer from different health and mental issues due to their hectic nature of work. It is common for IT professionals to experience sleeplessness, mental stress, over whole body pain, and joint or muscle stiffness.  The main reason behind these health conditions is continuous sitting and working for hours without any movement or exercise for the body. Thus it is very important for the professionals to have a short or long-term interval from work to retain health for grabbing better career opportunities. The Ayurveda package at Sukhayus is apt for professionals from IT Industry which always demands health and energy from employees.

India’s traditional medicine practice of Ayurveda has the solutions for any unhealthy condition. The traditional Ayurveda treatments have emerged as a modern medicine system for preventing and curing lifestyle diseases. Sukhayus offers a special therapy package for IT professionals to find relief for their health issues both physically and mentally. The package is designed after a research of long period and developed as a complete solution for the health problems faced by professionals specifically from IT.

The special Ayurveda package for IT professionals includes Elakkizhi, Shiroabhyangam, Padabhyangam, and Marma Therapy. Each therapy focuses on the different parts of the body like head, feet and other vital points.  These natural treatments help to regain the energy of the human body. Along with all these therapies, Abhyangam, Shirodhara, and Pizhichil are offered to reduce stress and anxiety.

The duration of the package will be ranging from 7 to 21 days. The main aim of the treatment is to detoxify your body and mind through Ayurvedic herbs and medicines to restore the vigor and vibrancy of life. Majority of the health problems faced by IT professionals are caused by Dhosha imbalances. So balancing the three Dhoshas can help to gain good health. The special package will enable professionals to maintain health by balancing the Dhoshas.

In IT industry, Professionals are suffering serious health issues due to work strain. So, the therapy is designed to get complete relaxation from stress and pains. Elakkizhi is the massaging with herbal leaves and oils and it is best for relieving stress, joint pains, and muscle cramps. IT professionals majorly suffer from joint pains and undergoing Elakkizhi therapy can help them to regain the Dhosha balance.

Shiroabhyangam and Padabhyangam are the relaxation therapies for head to feet. Shiroabhyangam is an Ayurvedic head massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders, face, and head, the areas mainly exposed to stress and tension. The head massage calms down the stressful mind, giving peace and tranquility to the individual. It also encourages high levels of alertness and concentration.  Padabhyangam treatment included in the package instantly pacifies stiffness, tiredness of the foot, dryness, roughness, numbness and itchy sensation on foot and leg. It is mainly done for strengthening the foot to give stability.

Marma therapy in Ayurveda is the unique point system of the healing process. Marma therapy is based on the use of 107 points in the body which are considered to be entrance points to body, mind, and soul. Marma therapy is best for IT professionals because their entire body needs refreshment. The Marma points are the juncture of the body so, it is necessary to enhance those points to refresh the body. The Marma treatment can stimulate tissues, veins, muscles etc.

With Sukhayus special treatment package for professionals, you can restore your dynamism and vivacity to work continuously. Under this package, treatments for pain and stress management are included and the therapy is offered for both short and long period of time. Make use of this cost-effective package to make urself usher for working with the industry.  


About Special Ayurveda Treatment Package for IT Professionals

In these days of busy lives, health has taken a backseat among many of the professionals. People are now busy in earning money than taking care of their well-being. As a result, health conditions have worsened and many new diseases have plagued. These maladies can't always completely fight with the modern system of medicines, thus we are forced to look back at the older systems to fight back. Ayurveda can offer cent percentage result in relaxing, rejuvenating and de-toxifying body to attain a healthy life.

If you are an IT industry professional, you can understand your packed schedule of work is deteriorating your health day by day. Majorly, people who work in IT industry are suffering from sleeplessness, joint pains, and stress. Therefore it is important to undergo Ayurveda treatments as a precaution for avoiding pain and stress that may arise any time into your career. Ayurveda therapies are the best for pain management and to relax by unleashing the stress inside your mind. 

At Sukhayus, the pain management therapies included in the special package mostly focus on utilizing natural components. The main advantage of Ayurvedic Pain Management therapies is that Ayurveda believes in enhancing mental health along with reducing diseases.  So by the treatments, you can improve overall health without any side effects. When you undergo a treatment at Sukhayus, you will first get a consultation from an experienced Ayurvedic doctor. The specialist study and understands your medical history and lifestyle to find out the root cause of your problems and suggests you the suitable therapies. The package is customisable and you can get the treatments required for your health status.

Depending on your Prakriti and lifestyle, the type of Ayurvedic therapy offered may be varying. The common types of Ayurvedic therapies offered for pain and stress management include Padabhyangam, Abhyagam, Nasyam, Greeva Vasti, Pizhichil, Janu Kasti, and Kati Vasti. Ayurveda believes in prevention is better than cure. Ayurvedic pain management therapies follow a holistic approach and change in lifestyle including diet, Yoga etc. along with medication and therapies. There are no side effects for these natural treatments and is cent percentage safe for anyone. The therapies are nonsurgical and only include treatments like Vasti, Massage, Kizhi, Pizhichil etc.

In Abhyangam the head to toe massage is done with medicated herbal oils. It pacifies pains and aches in the joints, enhances blood circulation and coordinates nerve ending. Padabhyangam is the herbal foot massage that focuses on major pressure points to balance the three Doshas. Stimulation of vital points causes faster body rejuvenation.

In Nasyam therapy the medicated drugs or oils are administered through nostrils. These oils or powders stimulate the main centers of the brain to reduce body pain. Pizhichil is the squeezing of lukewarm medicated oil onto the body of the patient from a bolus of cloth that is periodically soaked in a container of the medicated oil. The therapy helps improve muscle tone and strength.

For Kizhi treatment, a small bolus is made by tying herbal powders, rice, and sand in a muslin cloth. Then these satchels are heated and lightly massaged over the body or certain parts as needed. Kizhi provides dry heat and is best for increased Vata and Kapha conditions. The treatment mitigates the body pain right away.

Vasti treatment includes Greeva Vasti, Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti, and Spine Vasti. Greeva Vasti is done for neck and upper back regions for relieving stiff neck, muscle strain etc. Specially prepared warm oil is poured over the neck. In Kati Vasti the oil is poured and retained over the lower back. For keeping the oil stagnant, a well is created with black gram or wheat flour paste. Kati Vasti is best for inter-vertebral disc prolepses, low backache, lumbar spondylosis etc.

Janu Vasti is done for osteoarthritis of knee joints, osteoporosis, and chronic pain in knee joins. The same procedure is done for Janu Vasti also. Likewise, in Spine Vasti, the warm herbal oil is poured over the spinal cord and retained inside the well created with wheat or black gram. Spine Basti is used in the treatment of spine stiffness and inter-vertebral prolapsed disc.

Upanaham is done for joint injuries and localized swelling and pain. In Upanaham a medicinal paste is applied to the affected area and covered with medicinal herbal leaves for a particular duration of time. The therapy is best for nourishing the tissues and pacifying the pains. 

The professionals working in the IT industry are mainly suffering from mental problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. Thus needs a mental relaxation to unleash mind and calm down self. Many professionals are attracted to the Sukhayus Special Ayurveda Treatment Package for stress management. Ayurveda identifies common mental problems as the result of increased Kapha which imbalances the Vata that further spoil the Pitta.

At Sukhayus, after a detailed counselling, the Ayurvedic therapy for stress or anxiety reduction begins. Before the treatment, the expert will examine your lifestyle, complete health history, and diet. The treatments included in stress management are:

Abhyangam: Using medicated herbal oils, a full body massage is done to increase blood circulation in the body. In doing so, you can eliminate toxins from your body and stimulate major pressure points. This will lead to reducing stress and find relief from mental tensions.

Padabhyangam: Padabhyangam is the herbal foot massage that concentrates on main pressure points of the body to balance the Doshas. By stimulating vital points you will get mental coolness and relief from stress.

Nasyam: In Nasyam, the medicated drugs and oils are passed through nostrils to detoxify the head region. Nasya stimulates the vital centers of brain that controls emotions.

Shirodhara: This is a healing massage which continuously pours the medicated oil on the forehead in pendulum motion for a specific duration of time. Incessant pouring of medicated oil on the forehead stimulates and calms down the hypothalamus to induce sleep by pacifying stress.

Kizhi and Pizhichil are also best for reducing stress and anxiety. Most of the aforementioned treatments can help you with reducing stress sleeplessness and body pains. So, undergoing this package at Sukhayus will bring back your Ojas energy and refresh your aura.

This treatment is suitable for

  • Mental Stress
  • De-toxification
  • Stress
  • Sleep Problems
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and Anxiety

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 10.

Things to do

The special package for IT professionals includes an offer to visit the beautiful tourist spots like Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. The package can be considered as health tourism. You can have a very relaxing tour to Kochi as well as rejuvenate yourself to regain energy to work better and healthier. The programme is well designed for professionals who desire for a short escaping from day to day hectic works to restore energy to body and mind.

What's included

General Inclusions

  • Full time doctor consultation
  • Pick up and drop facilities from Kochi International Airport or Ernakulam Railway Station.
  • Facilities including Free Wi-Fi, Multi–Cuisine Restaurant, and Swimming Pool.
  • Well-equipped Deluxe A/C rooms for accommodation.
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • All applicable taxes


The package includes site seeing facilities

  • One day sight-seeing at Fort Kochi
  • One day exploration at Mattancherry
  • Other Travel Assistance


The package includes the following sessions as well

  • Talks on Ayurveda
  • Lectures on Pranayama
  • Yoga Classes and Lectures
  • 30 minutes Yoga session daily
  • Demonstration of Ayurveda cooking

What's not included

  • Harmful drugs are not used for the treatments
  • No operating procedures are done on patients
  • An extra charge of USD 100 per day is charged for an extra occupancy
  • No extra travel expenses included

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